Jackie Abraham – Marketing Director London Hippodrome Casino

The Hippodrome appointed BLAC following a 3 way pitch, they were the agency that had committed themselves the most to understanding the business and the brand.

Their positioning line/key thought was “A casino Jim but not as we know it”. This has resulted in a creative campaign that captures the mood and, very importantly, the tone of the Hippodrome. We are communication an attitude and BLAC have understood this and will be working with us to develop a community of Hippodrome believers.

They are currently involved in the digital space helping launch our on line casino, prior to the integrated launch early next year of a truly outstanding Casino and entertainment brand. BLAC’s understanding of social media messaging and integration will help create the online chatter we desire.

BLAC are an agency I would be happy to recommend, they get to solutions quickly and for a smaller agency have big experience