Ard Jen Spijkervet – Vice President Marketing Europe



“The Esselte group has now worked with BLAC since 2002, they have worked under three different VP of Marketing and have consistently over delivered.


Our central marketing team is based in Stuttgart, we have 7 defined regions across 28 countries in Europe, our lead market is Germany. So why do we use BLAC?
The answer is that they truly understand what makes our market place tick, they understand how to create lasting brand values and premium sales leads in what is largely a commoditised marketplace. They have an excellent planning team, that is now integrated with our innovation and marketing teams, their creative teams insights have helped us set the key Leitz brand apart, they have developed our brand positioning and brand creative, for Leitz, and from here they have delivered our specific messaging across a range of media to all our markets.

BLAC have taken their big brand idea and made it work at all levels, BLAC develop work in the digital space, they have developed micro sites, viral films and viral content, sales films, e mail campaigns and are currently re defining our social media strategy. They develop all our annual sales conference themes and produce the video content for this. BLAC also develop press and direct marketing campaigns and insight full promotions and events.
These are all delivered by an excellent account handling and production team, I have never been happier with a lead agency and believe that given they know the space that you operate in they will do a great job for Iron Mountain.”  


AJ Spijkervet

Director Brand Marketing, Leitz/Esselte Europe


The thing I really like about working with them is that it is really constructive, down to earth but it comes from a real creative angle so that creativity comes in but it is coming to a level where we can use it, so it is not pink Cadillac sort of working. We really come to the level where it is relevant for our end users, but then on the other hand also that they understand processes of how we work – what our end users are about, how our trade works. There is a thorough understanding, strategically also and conceptually.