Ian Smith – Former Chief executive Pontins
Having worked with a number of agencies over my 12 years as Matalan Managing Director I appointed BLAC in 1996 where they were instrumental in helping the business grow to a level where we were able to float on the London Stock Exchange. Later as Pontins Chief Executive, I recommended BLAC to my sales and marketing director, who instigated a competitive pitch, which BLAC won.

BLAC is the one agency that could deliver both a quality output and a speedy one. BLAC worked closely with our operations team to populate a propriety campaign management system called U4see, they were up against a tight deadline as we only bought the software in November 2009 and had to have a new campaign ready by December 1.

BLAC created the Pontins 2010 campaign and communication hierarchy in less than a month, this required a complex matrix of direct and electronic mail, alongside additional on and offline activity. We all  worked to impossible deadlines (well impossible for most, but BLAC met them having burnt copious amounts of midnight oil along with some very early starts.) The BLAC campaign helped us to generate sales leads on an unprecedented level – in a 3 month period we delivered over 150,000 new enquirers and 50,000 new bookings. After I left Pontins the business was sold to a group who have their own in house agency my understanding is that the marketing  team would still much prefer to work with BLAC.

BLAC is an agency I would, and have, recommended. They are hard working, creative yet process driven and unlike the ‘usual’ big agencies I have worked with, they get great work delivered quickly and without fuss.