Andrew spends as much of his spare time as he can walking, much to the derision of his skiing colleagues. He is a snow shoe evangelist on the basis that anyone who can walk can do it and more importantly you go slow enough to actually look at things, far from the maddening crowds.

He is putting off climbing Mont Blanc until he is too old to do it and so will have a nagging regret to accompany him into old age.

His leisure transport is an old land rover that rattles alarmingly, has no radio and is the source of relieved celebration when it starts.

He strikes up random conversation with people in the street, in shops, on trains that one day will get him into trouble.

He is also, along with Hutch, a Manchester United fan. Andrew’s from Manchester though so it’s actually OK.

  • Q1 Two things that are good on their own, even better together

    A Raindrops and roses

  • Q2 Ideal long haul companion

    A Louis-S├ębastien Lenormand, inventor of the parachute

  • Q3 Favourite brand character

    A Tony the Tiger

  • Q4 Favourite ad campaign

    A Amazing Illusory X-ray vision Instantly. (Google it)

  • Q5 Best joke

    A Wide mouth frog joke: