Chris actually began his career in finance at PwC where he worked on the Administration of Lehman Brothers. With the desire to pursue his creative instincts, Chris joined BLAC in 2013 and currently manages the accounts of Esselte (Leitz), UltraDEX, Intel Security and Unisys account. Chris has strong digital skills, managing numerous web builds, CMS migrations, PPC and SEO campaigns. He is no stranger to traditional media, working on TV and print campaigns for both UltraDEX, Leitz and Unisys.


  • Q1 Two things that are good on their own, even better together

    A Bread and buttter

  • Q2 Ideal long haul companion

    A David Attenborough

  • Q3 Favourite brand character

    A Terry Tate

  • Q4 Favourite ad campaign

    A TNT - Push to add drama

  • Q5 Best joke

    A I've got nothing...creative drought or something...