Shipped off to boarding school at the age of 11, as the local day prep-school Headmaster implied a lack of discipline at home and love of sport ruling his homelife.

Spent 7 years at Rossall – learnt there was no such thing as the cold (try standing on a sea wall facing out to the Irish Sea in a gale and you’ll get the picture).

Then went onto the University of Life, and what a life.

Travelled America. On return, worked as a door-to-door salesman of old English lithographs and art nouveau and art deco prints. In the process met the Chairman of D’Arcy, Macmanus and Masius whose wife purchased over £1000 worth of prints. That was a lot of loot in the 80s. He was offered graduate training job on spot and the rest, as they say, is history!

From D’Arcy, Macmanus and Masius he progressed onto DDB and was there for 6 years. Key accounts included Volkswagen, Mumm Champagne, The Glenlivet, Glen Grant, Prudential, Phillip Morris, Marlboro and Lufthansa.

In the late 80s, moved to THP as client service director and from there to AMV Advance as a new business director before starting his own company with Rob Morris and Steve Grounds called GMC. This, over the years, evolved into Edge. From Edge to BLAC in 2005 with Ron Leagas joining and Neil developing the business to where it is today.

When not at BLAC Neil loves nothing more than Skiing, fast cars and fine wines – especially a Bordeaux.

  • Q1 Two things that are good on their own, even better together

    A Me and my wife

  • Q2 Ideal long haul companion

    A Duke of Wellington

  • Q3 Favourite brand character

    A Tony The Tigerrrrr

  • Q4 Favourite ad campaign

    A Volkswagen - "Casino"

  • Q5 Best joke

    A None publishable