Barbados Tourist Authority

Our challenge

Whilst premium visitors to the island were buoyant and growing,  we were briefed to reinvigorate the mid market visitor numbers who had been distracted by offers and deals in Florida and other Caribbean islands.

The idea

Challenge conventional thinking and establish belief that there is a hidden depth to Barbados that our audience were yet to discover.

‘Do you know the Barbados we know’ demonstrated the diversity of options and breadth of scope the island offered all visitors.

The reaction

Universally positive feedback from both the tourism ministry and their key travel trade partners. Bookings increased by 30% during the advertising period whilst awareness of Barbados as a legitimate competitor to Florida and other islands amongst agents.

Positive perception shifts for the brand overall including improvements in ‘more modern’ and ‘fashionable’, plus contribution to Reiker UK reporting 4% profit for the year despite recessionary pressure on the industry overall.

Barbados Tourist Authority
Barbados Toiurist Authority 2
Barbados Tourist Authority 3