Our challenge

Together is a  new insurance brand, launched by UIA, a company with a 100 year heritage in providing insurance for Trade Union Members.

The market is confusing, with a mass of different providers, all fighting via aggregators to show they offer the best deal.

Customers are hard to influence – the lure of lowest price is hard to resist.

Together is targeted at a specific mind-set that is willing to pay a small premium for quality service.

Our challenge is to target these consumers in an fresh appealing way .

The idea

BLAC started from scratch developing the brand and its identity…

We interrogated the brand to establish its areas of potential strength – genuine openness, transparency and fairness – in line with its roots, to create a rare feeling of belonging and mutuality.

We disrupted the market by focusing on the end delivery – speed of claim processing, minimal red tape and assuming the customer is honest.

The symbolic birds are a statement of togetherness as part of the identity.

This has been taken through to all media using murmurs of starlings to deliver our message in an appealing way

The reaction

A major part of this is a test TV campaign to create scale and confidence and a highly targeted direct mail campaign, aimed at a hard to reach demographic and attitudinal niche.

The campaign launched in 2014 and is being rolled out in 2015.

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